Sunday, April 17, 2005

Zor on Style

"Fool! Time has made me your superior! I leave you now, to bring real anguish!"
Zor, untitled Spectre story

The economy of words, the minimalism of effort, the curt dismissal, the casual cruelty. Other supervillains would have (and have) gone on and on about what an imbecile the hero was, or how through aeons of exposure to the eldritch magicks of Dimension Q their power had waxed immeasurably, or prated in excruciating detail about the why and how of their revenge.
Not Zor. Because Zor had style. And still does, one supposes, since he was last seen frozen in an immobility beam for all eternity...


Siskoid said...

No picture? (So I can check the style)

I'm afraid this is another of Who's Who's forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered about Zor. He was supposed to be the Spectre's "opposite number", his Professor Zoom or Sinestro. So was he a ghost as well? Who was he when he was alive? What "higher (or perhaps "lower") power" gave him his powers? What was his mission?