Monday, April 18, 2005

Name that Hero!

This is the first installment of our new game: Name that Hero!
Since we love comic book quotes here at the Absorbascon, we'll give you a quote and you have to figure out who said it...and why.

To inaugurate the game, we'll start with what I (and many others) consider the single worst DC comic book quote ever:

"Step away from the lobster-trap."

From its depths English can birth monstrosities so abhorrent that the mind recoils at their perception. "Step away from the lobster-trap" is one of them.

What DC hero would have said that and why?


Devon Sanders said...

Batman. In the words of The Crow, "Try harder!"

Devon Sanders said...

BTW, he needed it as a specimen.

Scipio said...

Devon, who erreth not, is correct.

During his year-that-felt-like-a-century on Aquaman, Rick Veitch was not content with hobbling the King of the Seas with bad dialog, he had to attempt to cripple Batman's rep as well.

He succeeded, and brilliantly with one simple phrase:
"Step away from the lobster-trap."

Anonymous said...

I just freaked out, because I read those words just now. (I have been reading through the current Aquaman series.)

Also, I have been thinking about how bad the dialogue is. Why is it so terrible?