Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"I guess ... I'll never know..."

Nobody has guessed the last Stupid Hero Quote I posted, so I'll pose another in the meantime.

We've talked a lot about villains' virtues, but never about hero's virtues. Whatever they are, modesty is clearly not among them for this mystery hero:

"Anyway, I'm always afraid girls don't love me for myself ... are merely dazzled by my fame and super-powers. I wonder how it would feel to be really loved for--myself??! I guess ... I'll never know..."

Who is this hero, crippled by Marvelesque angst over the burdens of his abilities?


Jer said...

That SOUNDS like it might have come from Superman, maybe in the early 70's? His love interests were always after him because he was SUPERMAN, which led to a certain amount of angst as I recall.

Scipio said...

Bingo! November 1963,actually. Red kryptonite gives Clark the opportunity to live and fall in love as a normal man with....

Sally Selwyn.

Heh; bet you were expecting an LL, weren't you?

Actually, most post-war Superman stories were soap opera or sitcom!