Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Charlton Conspiracy Theory

My conspiracy theory that DC is using the Charlton characters before their rights expire grows like mold on my brain...

In the new "Brave & the Bold" 80-page giant, DC put the regular wackiness you'd expect: Green Arrow paired with Martian Manhunter, Batman working with the Flash, the (Kirby) Sandman with the (ugh) Newsboy Legion. But they also included a story with Captain Atom, Nightshade, the Ghost, and Punch and Jewellee. Ah HA!

The special gold-plated edition of The Watchmen is coming out soon. We all know the story: at DC's request, Moore created new characters to use that were based on the Charlton characters. Moore wanted to use the Charltonians, but DC didn't want to spoil them for other projects. OR PERHAPS ... DC knew their rights would expire without renewal and they didn't want to lose Watchmen because they knew it would be a best-seller?

My foil-hat, quickly, where is my foil-hat....!?!?!

Go on, laugh; but they laughed when I said the Purple Pilgrim would return!!!

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