Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ralph was always a jerk

So I wanted to share this, with anyone who still thinks I was too harsh on Mr. Dibny:


SallyP said...

Oh...Ralph, Ralph, Ralph.

To be honest I always rather liked Ralph for running around without a mask, and letting everyone know who he is. But yes, yelling at poor Booster, whom it must not be forgotten, is a STRANGER to our times, and is in a lot of ways just trying to fit in...has never gone over with me very well.

CobraMisfit said...

It's ironic that DC seems to have written Raplh out of the timeline for now while allowing Booster to evolve. Gone is the cocky, materialistic Booster of the 80s, replaced instead by the the "Greatest Superhero the World Will Never Know" of today.

Which is simply Boosterific.

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