Saturday, January 22, 2011

Attack of Jean Loring's Brain, Part VI

Well, while the--

I did not say that.

While the Wind Pirate is bloviating in his Kirby Cube high above the earth, where is Jean Loring?

Yes, Atom, we know; that's the problem. More specifically, she has, for no apparent reason, magically appeared in the undersea kingdom of Lemuria.

Oh, Name-Or; you say "hopelessly" like it's a bad thing.

There, when she sees her One True Love, Ray Palmer, again,

she's shocked back into sanity and they have a tearful lover's reunion...

"Today's psychotic episode is brought to you by the letter E."

Psych! You didn't really believe that, did you? This is Jean Loring, people!

Atom's buddy Aquaman, of course, always knows the wrong thing to say:

"Terribly disturbed? In a psychotic state? Um, yeah, Arthur, that's the Jean Loring I know. Who do you think bought me this tie?"

So, the Atom decides to just shrink down and punch the Crazy Evil out of Jean Loring's brain,

while Captain Comet gets his hair done. Really.

"In my business, you meet so many interesting people; bobby pins, please.
But the most interesting ones are the mutants."


SallyP said...

I have to admit...punching the EVIL out of Jean's brain is one of the most magnificent concepts ever! Uh...too bad it didn't actually work.

You know...they just don't WRITE stuff like this anymore.

Scipio said...

No. No, they don't. I don't think the necessary drugs exist any more.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

If its for this storyline alone, DC needs to reprint Super-Team Family's new material. The Atom appeared with hot pants Supergirl and Flash an issue or two before this crazy $#!t.

John said...

That...doesn't look like a brain. It looks more know...

Are you sure Ray isn't punching Glow-in-the-Dark intestinal polyps?

Scipio said...

"I'm a physicist, John, not a doctor!"

TotalToyz said...

Double points for the Bugs Bunny reference!!!!

Scipio said...

Yeah, I bet you thought that symbol on his chest was supposed to be a comet, didn't you?

LissBirds said...

The bit about Ray's tie made me lose it. LOL.

Martin Gray said...

Oh, I remember this book. Poor old nutty slack Jean.

(Actually, when I say I remember this book, I mean I remember the instalment in which Alan Weiss drew male JLA-ers in really nice three-piece suits. When did comic book heroes ever have nice tailoring?)

Anonymous said...

Right, it's Captain Comet, the caption says Captain Atom though.
Greetings from a german follower!

Scipio said...

Danke! It's been fixed.