Friday, September 08, 2006

Late Silver Age Batman, Encapsulated In A Single Panel


They must have just put tags on a dart board back then and just used which ever ones got hit. Now they could use a simple computer theme generator.

"What that? A plastic weasel in a marshmallow chariot?! We will be right there."

Stories could practically right themselves.
Robin looks concerned for Batman's sanity. Maybe he knows the Bat-phone isn't plugged in.

- Sleestak
Don't forget that the ice-sheath is somehow flexible. As they take great pains to point out. (Hey, at least they noticed the absurdity of something encased in ice swinging a club.)
I thought Robin looked sad that they were actually going to have to go out and work today.
Maybe he was actually talking to Lassie instead...

"We'll be there right away...after we're finished watching my groovy new TV show, twice weekly on ABC!"
Robin's disappointed Gordon fell off the wagon again.
"...plastic weasel in a marshmallow chariot.."


In stores this Easter!
"What that? A plastic weasel in a marshmallow chariot?! We will be right there."

No, no Grant Morrison! No stealing ideas from comics blogs! I am wagging my finger at you in anger, IN ANGER I SAY!
The Absorbascon giving Grant Morrison's ideas would be indeed a painful Comic Book Irony.
The Batphone is by far the worse possible idea, seeing as they can trace the call just by holding Batman there with details about the resurrected sabertooth German Shepard with sonic screams tearing up the garment district.
You obviously forgot about the time the police tried that in the television series. Batman was able to reroute the trace to an old man's apartment.

Batman thinks of everything.
Good thing he didn't sign up to Insta-trace.
That Commissioner throws some great costume parties!
"Whats that commissioner? A Flying Gorilla in a Batman costume with the experimental laser? i'll be over right away!"

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