Monday, June 26, 2006

Reasons to read "Manhunter" #1

Kate "Manhunter" Spencer is crazy-bold vigilante.

In Issue #1, to stop Copperhead from escaping custody, government prosecutor Kate steals some confiscated tech from the evidence room at her work, tracks him down a sewer, mouths off to him when he threatens to eat her, then blows his head off.

In self-defense, of course.

Now, that's the kind of over-the-top, non-decompressed, "no real person on earth would do that" kind of craziness that's straight out of the Golden Age -- the pulps even. And I like it.

Buy Manhunter.


ststrat said...

Already do.

(hey everybody, save my favorite book)

Devon said...

I'm working on it.

Doug said...

I'm just happy that for once, DC fans spoke up to save a really, really awesome book. This was the one title that really deserved all of the support.

Moose N Squirrel said...

An excellent book. As I've said before, it does Marvel's old "everyman hero"/"feet of clay" shtick way better than anything at Marvel does right now.

Hunter McEvoy said...

I actually picked the title up for the first time this month and while I enjoyed it, there's a lot of backstory that I'd like to catch up on. What's the best way to get a hold of back issues?

Doug said...

Hunter--there's a trade collecting the first five (maybe six) issues, and I have a hunch that as part of DC's new marketing for it, they'll put out at least one more. Otherwise, the best way to get the actual issues is from your LCS or an online comics store.

However, there's also a website, that summarizes most of the series so far, so maybe that'll help too.

Dekko said...

I started it just before the 1 Year Later stuff and love it, and have now taken to the challenge of getting my fellow comic book dork friends to read it.

Hey, it's lasted longer than Chase, which it reminds me of--and just because it uses a few of the same characters.

Algar said...

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