Saturday, June 10, 2006

Postcard for the Future; Last night out!

Dear Blockade Boy,

So, last night (my final night in the future), Brainy and Superboy took me out on the town with some of the new Legionnaires...

Size Lad, Blackout Boy, and Magnetic Kid.

Brainy totally went for Magnetic Kid; Brainy's a sucker for blonds, you know.

Methinks the genius doth protest too much!

Ever galant, Superboy paired off with Blackout Boy, who, just as one might expect, had too much to drink too fast and...Naturally, he lost control of his power, and everyone else started blacking out, too.

Being kind of stuck on himself, Superboy just assumed he'd be immune to Blackout Boy's power.

He wasn't.

So I wound up with Size Lad; worked for me!
Let's just say I managed to find Size Lad a sector to search, and in the process proved himself thoroughly and repeatedly. Thus, my trip to the future ended happily!

See you, soon!



Anonymous said...

Scipio's super hero name is....

(wait for it)


Bwahahahahahahahah, oh god, hurts, hhahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I Feel... Dirty... All over.

Anonymous said...

Did you, by any chance, use Element 152 (with all its floaty goodness) in the search process?

Chance said...

I hope Size Lad wore his "flying ring" each and every time you "searched."

Scipio said...

I assure you Size Lad gave new meaning to my already favorite phrase:

"Behold the Flight Ring!"

Anonymous said...

They were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for names by then, weren't they?