Saturday, May 20, 2006

Legionspeak 102

As previously mentioned
, my great admiration for the eloquence of Interlac moves me to study the great rhetoriticians of the 30th century, looking for phrases in Legion of Super-Heroes stories that I can incorporate into my daily life. Here are my latest ones...

Polar Boy: "The planet Earth! I'm finally here ... where I hope to realize my dream!'
Check; I already say this every morning as soon as I wake up.

Night Girl: "Come on ... I know where to find others who were rejected!"
I can use that when I invite my buddies to go to the bar.

Brainiac 5: "I hated to leave him behind, but his power of super-bouncing wouldn't help much in a struggle like this."
I'll need some explanation for not inviting Big Monkey staffer Legba to join us.

Monster Master: "I want to exchange my Barakian 'living money' for liquid money of the world Althar!"
Well, that'll get the bartender's attention!

Bouncing Boy: "Come on, Mr. Earthquake Beastie, lash out at me with your tail!"
Because one does get tired of the same old pick-up lines, you know.

Chameleon Boy: "But what's this shapeless little animal? There seems nothing unique about it!"
And, no, you may not buy me a drink!

Cosmic Boy: "We of the Legion will come at top speed!"
Mmm. No, I don't really want to say that at the bar.

Saturn Girl: "The raider you disarmed grabbed up a native fish-spear and is charging you!"
That's about the time we should be leaving, I think...

I'll also learned a few for the comic book store!

Chameleon Boy: "Open the door of this place, or I'll blast!"
For when I show up at Big Monkey and Devon hides in his office.

Sun Boy: "I dazed him with radiance! Now the beast can't do any harm!"
Because the Assistant Manager can occasionally get uppity.

Mon-El: "I'll investigate that strange creature of far space that dies and then comes to life again!"
Oh, that's perfect for the next time someone asks when Green Lantern's coming out!

Sun Boy: "Your stupid meddling is the last straw! Leave this place and don't come back! You failures are interfering with our work!"
Hm-- I'm beginning to understand why Devon won't let me talk to the customers...


Ragnell said...

Hey, when is Green Lantern coming out again?

Anonymous said...

Saturn Girl: "The raider you disarmed grabbed up a native fish-spear and is charging you!"

Who knew Saturn Girl was into D&D?

Anonymous said...

^ Heh heh heh.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

I've never read The Legion, but dang it, you make a persuasive case. Plus, "Matter-Eater Lad" and "Bouncing Boy" are way too cool to ignore. Hm.

joncormier said...

And suddenly I'm looking forward to the new cartoon... weird because I never read a single issue of LoSH.

Then again I'll probably only enjoy the cartoon if I catch random bits of dialogue out of context.