Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blah blah blah

Here, courtesy everyone's favorite recently cancelled title, Manhunter, is the kind of heroic haiku moment that only the teamwork of the JSA could provide:"Blah blah blah; if you
wanna grab a beer, I'll be
in the gym." "Noted."

You can't exceed the JSA's coolness with your own haiku; but you can try.

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Anonymous said...

"Hey Doc, ya know that
Catwoman? I did her! Yeah!
Power Girl's next!" "Word."

Bully said...

"Hmm," thinks Doc Mid-nite,
"I wonder why Batman's voice
Sounds gruffer right now."

Steven said...

"Hey, ex-med student!
Respect the doctor/patient
privilege!" "Oh snap!"

Anonymous said...

"Catman's 5 o'clock
shadow is very rugged,"
thinks Dr. Midnite.

Anonymous said...

"Dr. Mid-Nite's lips
are very dewy," muses
Wildcat in secret.

Steven said...


how do you pronounce "Wildcat"?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you know, with a stereotypical southern drawl..."waaahldket".

I swear, it must be some sort of law of physics that I cannot attempt a haiku without adding an extra syllable. Not as depressing as the light barrier, but personally galling.