Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Lockhorns .... of Space!

Talking about yer greek godlike characters. Darkseid (yawn!) and the Phantom Stranger never really do anything; they just create or comment on circumstances in which others can do things, make choices, play hero or villain. But they themselves are never affected, unchanging.

They are just SO the old married couple.

Naturally, the Phantom Stranger would never waste a heroic haiku on the deaf ears of Darkseid, so he altered his words in the panel below, where what he wanted to say was:

You are not the first
to attempt it, Darkseid, and,
I fear, not the last.

If you were Darkseid, or a dispassionate (and completely protected) bystander, what would you say to or about these cosmic Bickersons.

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Phantom Stranger, he's
DC's Watcher, except he
really rocks that hat.

As usual, with apologies...
Did you intentionally crack open a copy of Legends or did you stumble across a copy?

I don't think I've reread that since it was published.
So the Phantom Stranger likes the Norway ride at EPCOT as much as I do, huh?

It begins with:

"You are not the first to pass this way. And you will not be the last!"

It's the Norsk-y accent that sells it, though, and now I'm gonna read all of Phanty's dialogue in that accent...

"Følløw me! Før I am der Fantøm Stranger..."

The Lovers, a drama in haiku:

"It's true, isn't it?
You're cheating on me with her,
Madame Xanadu."

Phantom Stranger:
"Please don't be like that.
Xanny and I are just friends.
Kiss me, you gray fool!"

"Come to these stone arms,
For countless kisses. Oh, hon,
Did you feed the cats?"

Phantom Stranger:
"Again with the cats!
Had to ruin the moment
Again, granite-puss?"

Oh great going Kurt. Now I "hear" him as the Swedish Stranger (the Phantom Chef?).

"Hordy Hordy Hordy. Great-a danger's coming."

oh uh, haiku... hmm.

I'm just dreaming big,
Phantom Stranger! Why are you
Such a wet blanket?

I've one night for you
Darkseid, the morning after
I'll be...a stranger!
I have been waiting
For a good Haikusday post
To post this here link.

Imagine, dear friends,
Haiku done by a redneck
About his mullet.

It is not about
Darkseid or Phantom Stranger
But it sure is strange.
Stay your tongue, Stranger!
I am all-powerful, you're
a fruit in a cape.
Stranger and Darkseid
Smackdown each other. Crisis?
Just talk it to death!
Stifle it, Phantom.
No one wants ta hear you yap
Ya stupid meathead.

I use "Legends" for my daily bibliomancy.
[/Mr. Humphreys Voice:

Ooooh, SOMEone's woke up
On the dark side of the bed
Didn't they, ducky?

\Mr. Humphreys Voice]
So help me, Stranger:
One of these days, one of these
Days - BAM! To the moon!

I am hungry, dear.
Yeah? Do they deliver to
this part of limbo?
And this blue jumpsuit,
does it make me look too fat?
It does, doesn't it?
I was readiong "The Initiation of Prtoy Two" and found this quote: "That Little Monkey is Stronger than that monster the whole world fears." I think this applies to the Monkey Planet problem pretty well.
romantic drivel,
no free will? But the phantom
has a rape whistle

Free Will -- the motto
Of those who enjoyed Starman
Payton trumps Jack Knight
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