Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kurt Busiek Interview on Superman

Devon has posted the second of his his three-part interview with Kurt Busiek (scribe on Avengers, Superman, Astro City, Conan, JLA/Avengers, and something called Sword of Atlantis) over at Big Monkey.

In this part, Kurt and Devon discuss his plans for Superman and hints at some upcoming projects he's pitching to DC ...

Jimmy Olsen, Sword of Hobbs Bay


Anonymous said...

This is a zen moment in comics;there can be no words...oops,now there bad.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Under wine-dark waves
Darts the Mighty Pal o' Supes
A new Aquaman?

Finny friends behold
A man in brown lace-up shoes
Dork of the ocean.

Like regal Neptune,
Olsen claims the deeps as his
But don't call him "chief."