Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Seven Hells Haikuschriftfest

One year ago, I was no longer alone in the blogosphere.

My friend and colleague Devon Sanders is one of the best prose writers I know, certainly better than I. But his sterling reviews of comic books were languishing in obscurity. Oh, as you would expect, they were being published on line, and at a famous site. But it was one so large that occasional features, like his reviews, despite their quality, could go unnoticed.

All that changed exactly one year ago when Devon struck out on his own and created what you know now as Seven Hells, the Absorbascon's "cousin". Taking after its author, Seven Hells is manly, two-fisted blogging with a refined urban style; not without reason are Hawkman and Wildcat its "patron heroes".

Devon doesn't go unnoticed any more! So busy is he hanging with the like of Kurt Busiek, Brad Meltzer, and Jimmy Palmiotti, that he can barely spare time for guest-spots even in his favorite books like Manhunter:OK; two questions.
One. What are you doing here?
And two. You 're black?

Forget Pinhead; to honor the Seven Hells blogoversary, I present the never before seen face of the author of your Seven Hells of pain, of pleasure:

The Devon Sanders.

I'm not good enough a writer to compose a haiku in honor of this event.

But I bet you all are...!


Devon Sanders said...

Awww....Thanks, Scip. I'm honored.

Dropped on his head
Remember that the next time
You read "Seven Hells!"

Bully said...

Devon! Love his blog!
Does he get bopped on the head
As often as Hal?

Anonymous said...

Devon: poking fun
at kyle raynor for a year
without exposed thighs

McTrent said...

Step back, John Stewart
there's a new lantern in town
more "adult" than Kyle.

Amy said...

damn fine lantern, sir;
it's a shame it is paired with
such an awful hat.

Anonymous said...

By the Seven Hells!
Someone stole Alan Scott's
Green lantern and ring!

Ragnell said...

You may mock the hat,
at least he has the sense to
wear matching colors

Anonymous said...

In brightest day, in
blackest night, no Rayner goof
shall escape his site!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Ohio scarlett?
Or Oklahoma orange?
Picture not quite clear.

Regardless, Devon
Thanks for shining your light on
the Kyle kiss of death

Anonymous said...

You want this lantern?
You'll have to pry it out of
My cold dead hands.

Scipio said...

Actually, Devon sold it the next day...

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