Saturday, April 15, 2006

Donna ... oh, Donna....

I am not twisted. I am not morbid or sadistic.

I only want one (or six) of these suckers:

for their marvelous potential in rounding out Superman teams.

And, if Troia just happens to be on the board when I field them and she just


to get in the way


well, who am I to fight poetic justice?


Anonymous said...

I haven't played heroclix, but if they're modelled after the real thing, does taking Troia off the board really acomplish anything? Doesn't she just come back on the table a few turns later in a slightly different guise?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, who would actually play with Troia? She has to be one of the worst dials in the game.

Scipio said...

I'm going to buy lots and lots of little Troias, one for each of her countless lives and have Robot Newman snuff them out one by one...

good times.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who had a childhood crush on Donna (which may be lame but is still better than being a comic book writer with a crush on her) can I make a suggestion? It's probably to late to do this now, but in three years when they do Zero Hour 2 to fix continuity again, have Donna be an ordinary girl who was raised by those other Amazons. Keeping her tied down to the Paradise Island bunch and having to make her timeline relative to Wonder Woman's in any way is far more trouble than it's worth.