Sunday, March 27, 2005

Holey Frameworks, Batman!

The Dynastic Centerpiece framework gives us clues to what works, what doesn't, what's happening now, and what might be a good idea. Holes in the pattern are opportunities for the editors to expand an icon's mythology. Recent examples of DC "filling out" the pattern to solidify the mythology of its icons include Speedy, Supergirl, Krypto, Pegasus, Aquagirl, Malrey, Dr. Geist and the return of characters like Golden Eagle, Northwind, Oliver Queen, Hal Jordan, Linda Park, Carol Ferris, Guy Gardner. On the whole, I think, readers are reacting positively to these changes and its part of what's making DC comics interesting again.

But "punching holes" into the pattern has hurt some of DC's icons. Wonder Woman has take some serious hits to her mythos, as did Aquaman, but both seem to be rebuilding through intentional efforts by the writers. Superman's entire post-reboot development has been about how to fill out the pattern without creating Beppo the supermonkey. GL and Flash are still adapting to the loss of their Silver Age centerpieces. The Batman mythos still hardily cycles along between strengthening Batman's independence as a lone actor and his importance as a centerpiece character.

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