Sunday, March 27, 2005

Hal Jordan, Center of the Universe

Despite the wishes of DC's editors, Green Lantern's mythos never recovered from the removal of its Dynastic Centerpiece Hal Jordan. Happily, the various attempts to replace him have wound up filling out the pattern of the GL mythos. The pattern has to be interpreted a bit more broadly to accept John Stewart at Junior Counterpart and Kyle Rayner as Kid Sidekick, but it's a closer fit than anything the GLs have ever had before. Coast City will soon be replaced as Contextualizing City, I understand, as Hal relocates to a AFB on the West Coast. That's good; Coast City never had any character anyway (much like the Town Whose Absence is Lamented By No One, Central City). It also seems that Carol Ferris is being moved away from Romantic Interest to Civilian Companion, which is a good storytelling move. Hal Jordan will work very well with "variable" in the Romantic Interest slot!

And, for the record, no, I do not think Itty should make a comeback as Animal Companion.


Julio Oliveira said...

You know, i really think is unfair to think of Rayner as a Kid Sidekick... kind demeans the character that spent the last decade (a timeframe that is the entire reading life of some comic books fans) making better things with a ring that can create anything than just boxing gloves. Also, in my opinion G'nort counts as a animal companion.

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