Sunday, March 27, 2005

Flash Mythos still slow to recover

Flash's mythos is still recovering from the removal of its Dynastic Centerpiece Barry Allen and is currently held together more by the strength of its "anti-dynasty", the Rogues. Wally West is stuck doing double duty as both Centerpiece and Junior Counterpart. If DC worked on repairing his relationship with Jesse Quick she could do the double duty as Female Version and Junior Counterpart, which would help Wally shed his "Junior" role; he also to stay away from the Titans and Outsiders as much as possible and in the JLA, for the same reason.

With the full speed return of Jay Garrick via JSA, poor Max Mercury must have been superfluous as Elder Statesman, which is why he got shipped off to the Speed Force. Kid Sidekick Kid Flash has been "put in his place" as inferior to Wally by shattering his knee a few times. Contextualizing City Keystone itself is a strong character which beautifully contextualizes Wally as a blue collar, unionized hero. Flash still needs a Civilian Companion (who IS "Flash's pal"? Those Chyre and Morillo guys?), and might benefit from a Black Sheep (like the old Speed Demon, Red/Blue Trinity types),perhaps a former Velocity 9 junkie with residual bursts of speed?

I don't think Wally needs a "Flashhound" as an Animal Companion, but it would amuse me if he and Linda had a pet turtle. Named "Pietro". Yes, that would amuse me greatly.


Julio Oliveira said...

Well the Black Sheep is the new Zoom, isn't?

Anonymous said...

Pietro. That's just mean.

jrasicmark said...

Way back in the Flash Spectacular, Wally had a dog named Lightning.