Sunday, March 27, 2005

The New Blue Beetle

Well, now that the Blue Beetle Ted Kord is dead, I assume Booster Gold will become the new Blue Beetle using the Scarab.

This is a big change for both characters (um, Ted especially). But they've faltered since the demise of the JLI, and, though the current "SuperBuddies" storyline is nostalgic, it simply highlights the 1980s datedness of the characters.

Like Barry Allen, Ted will become one of DC's "sainted" figures, a better character dead than alive. And Booster, I mean, Michael Carter? Are you ready to see him shoot lightning out of his fingertips, 'cuz that Scarab ain't no piece of casual bling bling, folks!

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Anonymous said...

And here we are, much later, with a different outcome - personally, I'm liking Nue Beetle a lot; I just want to see some Booster/Beetle antics, especially since Jaime probably thinks Michael is a blowhard.