Friday, April 27, 2012

Recently, I received a spate of visits due to someone plugging a very old post from me on "the difference between DC and Marvel".

It's a popular topic among fans of superhero comics. So it seems like a good time to re-post links to some of most salient posts on ...

the Difference Between DC and Marvel

Is there, by the way, an aspect of the difference that I've missed, that I haven't touched on yet? Let me know your thoughts...


Uh, you don't like Marvel. I think that about covers it. I think most of your readers get that. That's not a criticism, I mean, Captain Obvious here, it's your site and you should say anything whatsoever you want to about not just what you like but about what you dislike, you're not forcing anybody to read it. You write way more stuff that I enjoy reading than stuff that I don't. I'm just sayin'.
No, Ronald. That doesn't cover it at all.

Marvel isn't broccoli. At issue is not whether someone (me, or anyone else) likes something, but trying to determine why.

Analysis of that type is bound to illuminate the virtues and vices of whatever one reads and make us all more enlightened readers, regardless of what our individual tastes are.

That what's critical analysis is for.
DC characters are so iconic that, using just the font colors available on Blogger, one* can create an entertaining, amusing and memorable discussion involving nearly every Justice League member, and tell a complete story in doing so. With the Avengers it would just be silly.

(* Not just any"one" of course.)
Dunno, Mr Duncan. That sounds WAY too hard!
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