Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt "Wolf Week" at the Absorbascon for a very important announcement.

Having been alerted by eagle-eyed Absorbascommenter Xanadude today of the leaked scan of the fold-out in the forthcoming DC Free Comic Book Day comic, I am pleased to announce (as demanded, predicted, and prophesied):




I'm pretty sure that is the new felix faust.
LMAO, in a Vibe-outfit with fingerless gloves emitting vibrations from his hands?

Let's just say... I'm pretty sure you're wrong.
Oh geez, I couldn't recognize that guy when I first saw the fold-out. I never even THOUGHT that it might be a redesigned Vibe. Although it should be noted that Geoff Johns has a soft spot for the Justice League of Detroit, since he grew up there and the Detroit League was put out in his early years as a comic reader.
Good Lord, yes, it must be - I wasn't sure either. You win!

(And in Wolf Week news, check out what Zola's wearing in Wonder Woman #8)
Vibe is back, Martin:
we ALL win.
A dream! A hoax! An imaginary story!
Vibe returns? I hope
it's so, but I won't believe
'til he break dances.
Great, I'm glad for you, really.

Can we get Gypsy back as well, now?
My great hope with every reboot is they'll do what is done with new cartoon series: start all the characters off at a comfortable status quo, in a pre-killed condition. So I'm pleased they did that with Vibe.

I don't want to see Gypsy back, though, any more than I want to see Kike (with the power of greed), Redskin (with the power of alcoholism), or Jiggaboo (with the power of lusting after white women). She can call herself DeathHawkNightStrykeWulf for all I care, but using a disrespectful name for a people and then embodying the worst stereotypes about them is so pre 21st century.
Great Googally Moogally! Could it possibly be true?
It IS true, Sally.
Let the breakdancing begin.

Did you not believe me, when I told you it was inevitable? See, Sally, that's why the Great Pumpkin doesn't visit you: lack of faith.
Can't agree that Gypsy was embodying the worst stereotypes. Some petty theft (I think she stole an apple) right at the start and then that was it, the whole thing was forgotten. She grew up with the JLA and became a hero. What's not to like?
Not to encourage this thread to disgress into discussing Gypsy (who doesn't deserve the attention)....

But it is very very important for people to realize: GYPSY WAS NOT A GYPSY.

She was a whitebread little suburban runaway named Cindy. She took the name "Gypsy" because she WANDERED as runaway, not because she was one of the Roma.

One (or two) later writers didn't know this or didn't care, and wrote her as if she WERE a gypsy. Which is RIDICULOUS for anyone who knows anything about her origins.

It's very important to know the true about such things before throwing around accusations of racism and stereotyping too casually.
Spot on, Gypsy was a Brady, basically.

And if anyone wants to characterise Cindy by her behaviour, well, along with a tiny bit of stealing there was an awful lot of selfless heroism, courage, compassion ...

Anyway, another great thing about Vibe's comeback is that we may get to see his almost-as-cool brother Reverb.
Faith? No, you shortchange yourself, Scipio. I give you full credit for keeping Vibe alive in your heart and shaming DC into bringing him back. Now be sure to use your power for good and not evil.
Scipio, are you saying that my pumpkin patch is insincere? I actually HAD a pumpkin patch this year! But I cannot vouch for its sincerity or faith

Nevertheless...the new 52 Universe could probably use some break dancing, and Vibe can certainly provide that. Alas, for his harem pants however.

Absolutely, Scipio; I should have pointed that out in my first response. Anyway, enough thread-jacking.

Vixen's already around, Vibe's coming back - two down, two to go before we get a Justice League Detroit mini-series.
Who were all those other people cluttering up Vibe's welcome-back portrait?
Interloper: Oh, just some of the same people backing him up in my masthead. It's kind of a nostalgia thing to have them in there, I guess...
Bryan L.: I deserve no credit at all, Bryan. All credit goes to VIBE whose unextinguishable charm holds Geoff Johns in its thrall, just as it does me.

SallyP : Oh, Vibe still wears harem pants, Sally. But now he wears them on the inside. On his SOUL.
"just some of the same people backing him up in my masthead"

Oh. OH! I never noticed them before, but there they are! Huh.
And even better? He's gonna be on the cartoon network!!!!
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