Friday, September 24, 2010

Where does Batman vacation...?

In Florida, of course, like everyone. But Batman always goes to...


While in Apex City, Batman was asked to be a judge in
the annual Gertrude Stein Memorial Poetry Slam...
but he declined.

Probably goes there because he likes the weather in Apex. Hangs out with his pal, the Martian Manhunter, having lots of glum together. During the day they lurk about casting ominous shadows on sunbathers and handing out leaflets on skin cancer: "It isn't my job to judge them," Batman tells J'onn, "just to stop them." Sometimes the Phantom Stranger drops in, just to get together and prevent some laughs.

They stay up at night watching CSI: Miami reruns with the sound turned off, while they take turns riffing film noir voiceovers: "It was a hot and sticky night in the City of Flamingos, hot and sticky like a overweight drag queen's dress shields at Aqua."

Anyway, like any sensible man, I pattern my life as much as possible after Batman's (WWBD?)

So I, too, am in South Florida/the Keys this weekend with my very own manhunter. Catch you when I get back.

IF I come back!


SallyP said...

Watch out for the daily meteor showers!

Anonymous said...

sweet boneless christ,i am glad you are back!!

Martin Gray said...

Hope the break was spiffy!