Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green on Green Violence in poetry

You know, it's funny how comic books continually expand your suspension of disbelief. Once you accept a man can leap an eighth of a mile or keep himself aloft with Martian-breath, you hardly notice when he starts flying. It's like boiling a frog.

Once you accept that there's a five-square mile blast area in the middle of Star City and a magical White Lantern that brings things to life, why, it only makes sense that the Lantern could -- and would -- bring life back to the middle of Star City. Life as in a gigantic old-growth style forest. In the shape of a huge star. Of course.

Given that, why shouldn't there be in the middle of the forest one Big Daddy Tree? That has a 'white lantern' tattoo? And that can talk telepathically? It only make sense!

When such a tree talks, well, wouldn't you kind of expect it to occasionally choose to express it....

in haiku?

This is not the Green
you will burn; this is not the
forest you will raze.

Leave it to a tree to include nature imagery in its haiku! What haiku does the White Lantern inspire YOU to compose today? Share it with us now...


Martin Gray said...

This is not the book I will buy

Nate said...

The Absorbascon

Returns after a long time

Now it's all haikus

r duncan said...


Do you have to look for haiku in comics, or do they just light up for you like neon?

Scipio said...

The latter.

"do you have to look
For haiku in comics or
Do they just light up?"

r duncan said...

Yes. That's how I imagined it. Just like Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind.

I'm impressed that you caught that. I didn't even realize that was haiku.

PS Glad you're back.