Monday, September 20, 2010

Pep 34: Upstaged!

Under ordinary circumstances, The Shield would probably be just staring up at the sky and thinking, "How the heck did Rorschach manage to colonize the MOON? Damn that man's publicity manager!"

But the tribal tattooing of our moon is literally upstaged by a closer horror: the freakin' Hangman occupying the foreground of a Pep Cover. Meanwhile, poor The Shield is so shocked to be relegated to a Dusty-in-the-distance shot that he's dislocated his jaw in open-mouthed astonishment. "What th--?! This is MY comic, you finheaded freak!! And what have you done with Dusty's CAPE STARCH?!?!"

It's all part of the "Quiet Revolution", of course, by which the Evil One, the Living Avatar of Surrealism, the Hell-God Andrews will make Pep his domain. The Big Reveal will be that the Hangman was in the pay of the Riverdale mob all along, undermining The Shield's position and authority in preparation for the takeover. As Darth Vader is to Emperor Palpatine, so is the Hangman to his lord and master, Archie Andrews.

"Go, Hangman, and do my bidding!"

P.S. Oh, yeah, and also the usual Pep cover regulars of a bound chick in a red dress, menaced by syringe-wielding Nazi vampires, two great tastes that taste great together.


SallyP said...

What the...? You can't even SEE, much less appreciate the Shield's magnificent thighs in this cover.

Fie, I say!

Diamondrock said...

Where do these villains always get the giant skulls?

Scipio said...

From the NFL.

Reynold said...

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