Monday, July 27, 2009

Pep 29: Work the Runway!

Now THIS is more like it! Party at the Chinese Communist Party platform!

Oh, wait;this being in World War II, those are probably Japanese, aren't they? Darn. Well, in ten years, they'll be Chinese, and probably drawn the same way; you know what they say, "They're all drawn alike".

Judging from the layout of this melee, I can only assume that our heroes have decided to crash the catwalk at the opening of Rei Kawakubo's spring line.

Finally, the Hangman is doing something remotely useful, like feeling up Captain Swastika. Actually that's not the original Captain S; you can tell because he's not wearing the hideous color scheme from the previous Pep cover. It appears to be a black man with better fashion sense, replacing the original. Very progressive, those Nazis. Or perhaps by this point they were jealous of Jesse Owens... . Or maybe Captain Swastika is just being played by Morgan Freeman (who'll do anything for a buck).

The Shield, meanwhile, is making a highly uncharacteristic stage left entrance from above. Must be Dusty's day off. Explains why the Hangman stole his cape starch.

What th==?! It's the same lady in red from the cover of Pep 25. Who do you think you are, sweetie, Lois Lane? Well, Lo-lo knows better than to wear a red low-cut dress to dangerous places like prison yards and Japanese fashion shows. Might as well paint a bull's-eye on your forehead.


John said...

The next issue is going to require a bit more work. There's a certain story starring the teen usurper that, well, read it if you can.

Oh, and I'd pay the $9.50 for a movie ticket to see Morgan Freeman as Captain Swastika at the Japanese fashion show. But he has to also put in a cameo as Easy Reader.

SallyP said...'s better, but still not quite the same without Dusty and his amazingly permanently starched cape.

And you can't see the Shield's thighs! I'm aghast!

Citizen Scribbler said...

Hilarious, Scipio! Your fashion runway interpretation is awesome. I've been loving all of these covers.

Dang! That one fellow is firing a Tommy gun right into Hangman! I didn't realize he was bullet-proof! And what's that other guy planning to do with the sword- Oh, My!

-Citizen Scribbler

TotalToyz said...

Or maybe Captain Swastika is just being played by Morgan Freeman (who'll do anything for a buck)

Hey, don't go hatin' on Mel Mounds!! (And he made a better Dracula than Gary Oldman, not that that's a high bar to get over.)

argh.sims said...

So what's the inside story on the Shield losing his super powers?