Monday, July 06, 2009

Pep 26: What Rings Their Bell

Well, finally we see what it takes to make the Hangman, Shield, and Dusty laugh:

the torture of prisoners of war.

And given his stance, I shouldn't be at all surprised if the Shield is planning on giving them a very special shower of ritual humiliation in the near future.

Special note to Dusty. You shouldn't laugh and point at other people. Particularly not in that outfit.


Dean said...

Aw, lay off Dusty! He's been having a rough day since he forgot to starch his cape this morning.

SallyP said...

Are you SURE that's Dusty? His cape isn't sticking straight out! But gosh, there's the Shield, and his mighty mighty thighs of Justice.

Roel Torres said...

I just wanted to mention that I enjoy the use of a bell shape as a framing device to mimic the Liberty Bell illustrated on the cover. It's a nice piece of graphic design.

Um, sorry. Carry on with the torturing of prisoners of war.

Reno said...

The Hangman used up all the starch.