Monday, June 29, 2009

Pep 25: At the End of His Rope

"Okay, that just tears it!," the Shield thought. "The Hangman's really getting on my nerves.

"These two pug-ugly yoboes should have been hanged this morning, but weren't because the prison noose went missing. Gee, I wonder where that went... nice necktie, Hangman! Thanks for letting the Zebra Brothers here survive long enough to attack this nice Republican trophy wife!

"At least my exceedingly woundable sidekick Dusty & His Starched Cape are handling the one with the gun, so that I, who am invulnerable to bullets, don't have to. But now this quaking con is gonna carve up Miss Twin Peaks like a Christmas ham, unless I--

"Sweet Betsy Ross! Dang you all to heck, Hangman! Just how the heck do you keep on dropping in from nowhere?! Did you jump out a plane? Can you give a guy a warning, because while you're pouncing down to save Little Red Writhing Hood I'm stuck here walking like an Egyptian in the middle of the prison-yard and totally extraneous to the action, except as a decoy....

"Just whose comic IS this, anyhow....?!"


Anonymous said...

this nice Republican trophy wife

oh, Scipio, she's not bad. She's just drawn that way.

-- Rdaggle

SallyP said...

Sweet Betsy Ross...your dialogue is perfect. By Little Red Writhing Hood, I was in hysterics.

Rich said...

"Just whose comic is this anyhow?"

Archie's. Duh.