Monday, July 13, 2009

Pep 27: "I'm punching through, Brooke!"


Or, sure, you've got the usual "Shield Rushes in From Stage Right" pose, the "Dusty Falls From Nowhere" thing, and the "Why is the Hangman Always in the Way" scene. But really, a giant fist of metaphorical tyranny, after they already fought the giant foot of metaphorical tyranny on the cover of Pep 22? What's the Shield's fascination with giant body parts all about, huh?

Punching through the Bill of Rights? Is this a Pep Cover or a pamphlet from the Cato Institute? Or, given the Shield's level of kink, from the FFA?

I do, however, like the idea that world-threatening political movements that destroy civilizations and slaughter and torture millions have little logo rings, and logo stamps to put on the bottom of your world-stomping jackboots, and probably other little trinkets, like keychains, and bracelets that say, "What Would Adolf Do?" Now we know where Archie got all his ideas for the Archie Club.

If only the Shield & Co. had recognized the threat of Archie and neutralized it before so many generations of young minds were destroyed. I blame Neville Chamberlain and John Goldwater.


SallyP said...

Poor Old Chamberlain. He ALWAYS gets the blame.

Roel Torres said...

That's a pretty funky high-concept cover. It's almost the exact opposite of what you would see on the covers of most comics today.

Anonymous said...

When my great aunt died my mom found among her effects a charm bracelet that had a gift from a German boyfriend back in the 30s -- a little gold swastika charm.

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