Thursday, June 04, 2009

Load the Canon!

At Big Monkey Comics, much of the wallspace in our main room is devoted to our "Comics Canon", a display that presents what we deem as representing the best of the medium in a broad variety of genres and styles.

The number of items of graphic literature in the Big Monkey Comics Canon is too large to display them on the Canon Wall at one time; at any point we have only about 50 or 60 on display. Our Canon is a living enterprise, and we add new items to it over time, so that the Canon Wall serves a kaleidoscope of comics' quality.

Our decisions about what to include in our Canon are based on other critical lists and our own expertise, but we also like to seek customer input... like yours!

And the Big Monkey website, we currently running a poll on which should be the next graphic volume added to our Comics Canon. Make your vote there from among these choices!

The Nightly News (from Image Comics)
Ghost World
I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets
The Nightly News
The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers.
Locke & Key
Arab in America
Kyle Baker's Nat Turner


Tony Z™ said...

My vote definitely goes to I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets. I love Fletcher Hanks and this book.

Tony Z™ said...

Oops, it says to vote at the poll. Dork ---->

snell said...

Heh. I misread it at first and thought you wrote "Comic Cannon." That would be insanely cool...

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Baker's Nat Turner was amazing. Technical sophistication and dramatic storytelling coupled with an adult understanding of the moral complexity of the event...

Or, in one word: Damn.

Anonymous said...

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