Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Half a Green Lantern is Better Than None!"

Ladies and gentlemen: Hal Jordan

Superpowerless from the waist down.

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Perhaps the superpower of his lower half is standing in that posture without being in pain?
What're you talking about powerless? He's so POWERFUL from the waist down that it even resists the power of the Green Lantern Ring.

His lower body will only decrease its power to that of Green Lantern-level if it feels like it!
No! Not the DINNER jacket!
Wait, I thought Hal pranced around in tights all day and changed into green slacks to fight space crime... How could I have messed that up?

By the way, where were you when Cap died? Do you have an alibi? I'm going to need you to come down to the station.
Light-coloured trousers with a dinner jacket? The man's not civilised!
Not many people remember Hal's "Haggar Action Slacks" costume, a short-lived change in the GL status quo back in the old days.
Hal Jordan's bladder control problem was a secret to everyone. Until the day when his ring's weakness to the color yellow betrayed him
Fashion faux Pas
I always lose my superpowers in my bottom region when someone gives me a ring.
Probably had his mask on the entire time and didn't know it.

The ring is only as clever as its user. Hence, giant fists are Hal's favorite construct.

Hal is an Idiot.

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