Friday, February 09, 2007


Newer readers here might not be familiar with Big Monkey Comics Radio, which Big Monkey Comics maintains for you as a public service.

It's an on-line streaming "radio station" with over 200 songs about superheroes and comic books. I guarantee, no matter who you are, it's got something on it you've never heard before.

Our latest additions (today) are as follows.

  • The delightfully sampled number from B.O.S.E., "Batman Hip-Hop".
  • "Wonder Woman" by J. Segel.
  • Yes, "Batman" can be an adjective, at least according to Mars Lasar's "You're So Batman".
  • If you like your "Wonder Woman" with a bit of Middle Eastern flair, make sure to listen to the Baghdaddies version.
  • Zen Boy addresses his ballad to "Wonder Woman" but Tim Erskine gave us the "Batman Ballad" instead.
  • For all our Colombian friends, we're happy to provide "La Cumbia de Batman". Yes, really.
  • And how could your week be complete without at least one hearing of that punk classic "I Saw Batman In the Launderette" from the Shapes?


totaltoyz said...

Does Marvel Comics get equal time on Big Monkey Radio? Because the song "Earl of Roseland" by Styx mentions Spider-Man and the Human Torch.

Sharif said...

Thanks for this. The Ballad of Barry Allen is a fantastic song.

rachelle said...

I love this!

My band has a recorded song about Batman, if you're interested.

Scipio said...

Oh? What is it, and your band?

Can you send me an MP3?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you have La Cumbia de Batman, you have to have Abuelita de Batman, too.


Matthew E said...

What determines whether you can use a song or not? Do you have to get permission from the artist, or can you accept random mp3s sent to you?

Scipio said...

Those matters are covered on the Live365 site. In short, yes, I can accept random mp3s. However, for a "garage band" type group I would be likely to ask permission, if I had a way to contact them.

rachelle said...

I can send you an mp3, sure! My band is The Stolen Minks (all-girl rock band) and the song is called Batman (You're The Sex).

Anonymous said...

Big monkey comics? Hey, that's the store I go to. Woah.

Scipio said...

Rachelle, just send it to me at