Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heartless Haiku

Oh, dear.

This will not do. This will not do at all.

This poor distraught girl. When I first saw this cover, I didn't realize what was happening, I just knew it was something strange. Then it hit me: this crestfallen person is trying desperately to express herself in haiku. But she's so upset she omitted the middle line and winds up spitting out:

Supergirl's stolen

kisses will cost lives.

How tragic. Just as Supergirl has ripped out this woman's heart, so too she has de-cored her haiku.

Help this poor woman by supplying your own haiku for her to say or describe the situation.

P.S. Ganglords have clubhouses? Who knew!


Xanadude said...

Gang Lord with Green Fist
Super Acquaintance Raper
Or Krypton Hussy?

Allan said...

Oh my, Supergirl's
Short skirt has gotten her in
Trouble once again!


How many poor folks
Must die just so Supergirl
Can steal some love?


I can't believe this!
I always thought Power Girl
Was the slutty one!


I applaud her choice
To embrace her sexual
Being. But right now?

Daniel said...

Supergirl's stolen
kisses will cost lives--also
a surprise guest star.

Don't you ever knock?
Can't you see I'm busy here?
Go get your own thug.

You are just jealous.
You know my other boyfriend
is hung like a horse.

Silver Age Kara
is America's Sweetheart
even in Hot Pants.

Ron said...

Supergirl's stolen
My boyfriend, curse her! Oh, those
Kisses will cost lives!

SteveM said...

Kisses will cost lives
Brainiac 5 is distraught
Makes Omega II

rob! said...

Hot Pants Disturbing
You Kryptonian Hussy

(sorry, i suck at haikus)

Anonymous said...

Supergirl's stolen
from the candy store: Hershey's
Kisses will cost lives!

Scipio said...

Great, all!

Neatly done, Ron.

ARDINGER said...

Supergirl's stolen
(as winter grain from sick birds)
kisses will cost lives!

Ron said...

Thanks, Scipio -- but kudos to Ardinger, too, for working in some seasonal nature imagery!

Verification word: "Cacul," which sounds like a a Wonder Woman villain, one who never stops laughing as his evil schemes unfold.

Eric TF Bat said...

Supergirl's stolen
My drag-king girlfriend! Sapphic
Kisses will cost lives!

Anonymous said...

Kryptonian ass
Like two kittens in her pants
Needs a good spanking

Billscomics said...

Supergirl's stolen
a black leather jacket; those
kissses will cost lives

Scipio said...

Elegant, Bill.