Thursday, March 19, 2020

The answer is always: Hal

Because that would imply that Hal thinks.


Anonymous said...

From the article:

"We never know what Hal's thinking and Hal's thinking is probably high-level anyway, he never gives anything away and he's always pretty relaxed," he added. "We never know what he's thinking and I feel like he's a steel-trap in a way, he's working stuff out all the time."

I like Hal as much as the next guy -- probably a lot more, in fact -- and I'm even good with the idea that the little hamster in Hal's head is running on its wheel as fast as it can. But "high-level" thinking ... ? Nahh. Maybe he's got an instinctive feel for how best to cripple an alien armada, but that's got to be subconscious stuff, or perhaps simply not getting hung up on the sorts of doubts that steer most of us away from absurd plans.

John C said...

I mean, yes, Hal doesn't seem like someone with a careful filter on his thoughts. But have thought bubbles made some sort of come-back? I'm not a heavy reader of current books, but I had the impression that thought they had more or less been replaced with those silly caption-boxes colored (sometimes) like the speaker's costume.

Plus, it's Morrison. I can't imagine him using a thought bubble except as an prelude to a thirteen-issue limited series about the geometry of a universe where thoughts are visible from some angle and the team of obscure character who learn that geometry (half of one issue is a handwritten manifesto about how angles are a kind of math and math is like music, or something) and can not only read the thought bubbles like characters in the Spidey stories on The Electric Company, but can also wield them as weapons in some sort of unexplained metaphor.

Sorry. It's hard for me to think about Morrison books without going down to the rabbit hole of "what off-hand comment would he turn into extensive meta-commentary and expect it to be a core part of the DCU henceforth...

Bryan L said...

Yeah, I get the feeling that if you've got a weapon that creates objects and whatnot, it's probably best not to get caught up in a lot of thinking. I mean, you want that boxing glove FAST, rather than coming up with some sort of elaborate bludgeon that takes time to visualize. Hal's ... impetuous nature is really sort of an outgrowth of his power set, at least in terms of plotting stories.

Plus, I always liked the idea that different Lanterns have different "styles" of ring use. That just seems like an unconscious influence, rather than ... well, thought. Sorry, Hal.

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