Monday, March 09, 2020

Batman #93

Like many (all?) people, I wasn't happy about how Tom King handled Batman. But you know, Batman has survived questionable handling before.  Let's spin the wheel and pick... Batman #93! No, no; not the one coming out next month. I mean the FIRST one, the one from 1955.

That's debatable.

Not debatable.

PLEASE tell me they mean Tango & Cash.

How droll!

This one's going to hurt, isn't it...?


John C said...

Wow, that room (Wayne Manor on Costume Thursday? Batcave lounge? Snowglobe-with-baby deathtrap?) is pretty much the opposite of child-proof! I don't dislike the couch, though...

Bryan L said...

What's the deal with that baby? If I'm not mistaken, he appears to be about 4 feet tall. Is this one of those scams where criminals hired a little person to masquerade as a baby?

Yes! said...

How has this story escaped a Grant Morrison nostalgiametric retelling? Even Xeen Arrow showed up again in the pages of *The* Green Lantern!