Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shopping with the Shield 4: The Shield gets the shaft!

Well, I made fun of Betty for sticking her leg out the back window of her kidnappers' vehicle yesterday, but it turns out a dropped shoe was all the clue the Shield needed to track her down to the racketeers' hideout,  where he immediately indulges in some of his favorites schticks, including

bursting through walls, being set on fire, and, wait for it...

being strapped down on the Table of Pain and Pleasure.

It actually not a bad trap, which takes advantage of the fact that although the Shield is nearly invulnerable, his friends are not.  

'Um... I didn't actually know where you were.  I just really like women's shoes and found this nice one and needed to find a match for it and, oh, I bet they have one at Stacey's; gotta go!'  Smooth, Shield, really smooth.

Of course, the Shield arrives just at Stacey's JUST in time to prevent another horrible tragedy.

Stacey's is known, of course, for its famous open elevators shafts with windows to the outside of the building.  Really, just exactly how all this is happening is anyone's guess.


Anonymous said...

A fairly clever trap indeed! But do I see that the rope is tied to his ankle, rather than just being pinned down by his foot? Seems like he could foil the trap by, I don't know, NOT BOUNDING ACROSS THE ROOM LIKE A GAZELLE. Just use the power of sit-ups to grab the damn rope.

Scipio said...

The Shield... NOT bound like a gazelle?!

Um...not an option.

ronald said...

Wait, how'd he get knocked unconscious so they could tie him up and stuff? You're not covering up a Hal Jordanesque mishap on the Shield's part, are you? ;-)

With all the non-gangster weapons they have, maybe those guys were house-sitting for the Vulture or Dr. Wang or the Strangler or some other future Shield archenemy.

Yes, I said "Dr. Wang."

Bryan L said...

So these gangster -- excuse me, "racketeers" -- have a blowtorch that will burn at 6000 degrees? That's very impressive, since it's literally the heat of the surface of the sun (well, in Celsius). They must have dropped out of mad scientist school to take up the protection racket.

Bryan L said...

As a side note, it's now my personal goal to use the phrase "murdering hounds" in conversation at least once a week.

Scipio said...

"how'd he get knocked unconscious so they could tie him up and stuff?"

They gassed him, I believe.

Yeah, I passed over the 6000 degrees thing, because (1) I have already discuss comics' liberal use of heat degrees in my Human Flame posts; (2) there could very well be a Racketeer Scale of temperature of which we are not aware.

As for "Murdering Hounds" I immediately thought: GARAGE BAND!!!

SallyP said...

Oh my goodness...that last scan, gets to show of the Shields mighty mighty thighs to their best advantage. Oh, and he rescues some people, apparently.

ronald said...

Or maybe the gangsters were just ignorant about the subtleties of flame temperature. Very few people become gangsters because they're SMART.

Bryan L said...

Well, I thought of that, Ronald, but I dunno, 6000 degrees doesn't sound like bluster or hyperbole to me. I'd have said "thousands of degrees" or maybe "really HOT."