Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shopping with the Shield 3: Tip for Tap

So, one dead elevator operator and one horribly murdered mother later, Joe has discovered that racketeers are behind the troubles at Stacey's Department Store.  Racketeering is all the excuse Joe needs. Mere murder is a matter for the local police, but when racketeering is involved FBI Agent Joe Higgins can butt his nose in.  

And Betty Warren has the perfect plan!  Deceipt + wiretapping = good clean American fun.

The latest in fashion: the Lockjaw Hat!  Not only is it a stunning look, but it gives you the ability to carry a primary attacker up to 12 squares.

Even though Betty's plan involves Joe's favorite hobby-- wiretapping-- he's having none of it, because it would expose Betty to danger.  But Betty Warren lives for danger and, as previously noted, does whatever the heck she wants.  

So Betty, the little minx, ignores Joe and dragoons JuJu the G-man into carrying out her plan.  

Truly, Stacey's Department store is an amazing place.
"Is the Wire-Tapping Department?"
"Yes, sir, can I help you?"
"I need something for a little casual eavesdropping."
"I'm afraid you need a license for that, sir."
"Oh, but I'm a G-man."
"I see, sir. What size wire-tap do you need?"

But as JuJu is tapping the phone wires from the inside, the Shield is tapping them from the outside!

Why, it's just like a wacky Frasier episode!

"Good gosh! Something HAS happened!" 
"Oh, shut up, Niles, and help me straighten this place up before Dad and Daphne get back!"

Turns out that, while our junior G-men were being all stealthy with their wiretapping, the racketeers just walked in the front door, beat the crap out of Store President Stacey and kidnapped Betty.

But don't worry!  Ever-resourceful Betty will defeat them by... 


Well, at least now we have a clearer idea what Joe sees in Betty.


CobraMisfit said...



Scipio said...


I knew at least ONE person would get that.

ronald said...

No wonder Ju Ju walks around in a pair of pajamas (with a tie), he keeps getting knocked unconscious...

SallyP said...

Well...she's going to have to shopping for another pair of shoes at least.

Bryan L said...

Please, Sally. The fabulous Betty has so many shoes that Imelda Marcos could only dream of being a pale imitation. JuJu totes those things back to her apartment in wheelbarrows. She's had that pair on for 15 minutes. They've outlived their usefulness as anything but Shield bait.