Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Joker's Afro-wig


What's better than the Joker in an Afro-wig telling Lex Luthor a joke as they head to a burger joint for lunch?

Them heading to a burger joint for lunch while Lex listens to the Joker tell him a joke...

in haiku.

A scientist is
testing a frog; he says 'Jump'
and it leaps 12 feet.

We need a lot more of that in comics, I say.

What haiku can you compose in honor of this truly unusual panel?


Unknown said...

Joker to Luthor
Existential Villainy
Lost in the retcons

Shatner weave Joker
Has Morrison seen this yet?
Tropes are colliding

TotalToyz said...

Hold the pickle, hold
The lettuce, or I will kill
With Joker venom.

Nathan Hall said...

Four legs, jumps ten feet
Cut off two legs, jumps twelve feet
All legs gone, no jump

Scientist notes the results:
"Frog lost its legs - and hearing"

(I know, this is a tanka, not a haiku, but I couldn't fit in the punchline otherwise)

Anonymous said...

the Joker needs hair.
He steals it from Dolemite.
Looking good, Joker.