Tuesday, March 08, 2011

JPA News!

Fans of the Justice Pack of America!

You'll remember I mentioned that I thought the Flash should have a fast-running dog named Bolt.

How come none of you thought to mention...

LIGHTNING, Wally West's dog?

Maybe the idea of the Justice Pack is so powerful that, like Superboy Prime punching reality, it's changing continuity retroactively...?!?! Yes, that must be it.


Redforce said...

Unrelated to this post- I read quite a bit of stuff on the Internet, but your blog is really the only place I go back and read older posts. Repeatedly. Your writing and wit is just that good.

PS. I'd STILL like to see that post about Captain Comet I messaged you about on Facebook.

Nathan Hall said...

Scipio's writing is so powerful that, like you-know-who punching reality, it can still be enjoyed retroactively.

Bryan L said...

How did Lightning get Wally's costume out of his ring? That's a smart dog and a worthy addition to the Justice Pack.

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