Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things That Made Me Happy...

in my comics this week.

  • Which was better: Hal getting konked by a piece of jewelry or Catwoman kicking him in the face?
  • Hey; the Supermobile!
  • "I see a hospital that's not going to destroy itself!" Priceless!
  • The unbroken cigar. Nice touch, Will Pfeiffer.
  • The best comic you probably won't buy this week.
  • "Can I touch your cape?" Adorable!
  • I really want to see a Two-Face/The Source team-up in Brave & the Bold.
  • Ah. The Return of Maxie Zeus. Bravo, Mr. Dixon.
  • Wow! Now THAT is Kanjar Ro.
  • Falling asleep on a date is pretty hardcore; particularly when you're on a rollercoaster.
  • Yeah, well, I've see enough of you, too, Metron.
  • Making popcorn? Oh, you're a smooth one, Tim.
  • The Ten-Cent Plague: have you read it?
  • So, that's what Ultraman is afraid of; that's amusing.
  • I appreciate MacDuffie's cleverness in reversing Meltzer's over-obvious set-up of "Hawkgirl will break Red Arrow's heart."
  • Infinity Inc.
  • Superman, Jack Bauer, and all the kids from Hogwarts.
  • "Is Anaxagoras your lawyer?" Oh, ye gods, I almost fell out of my chair laughing... .
  • Black Canary-in-a-box.
  • Superbreath. They always forget about the superbreath.
  • A shark-shaped submarine. Villains should always own thematically decorated submarines.
  • Aquaman defeats Amazo. Elegantly, I might add.
  • If Dan Garrett's recent appearance leave you with a hankering to see some original Blue Beetle stories... well, Mallet can cure of that right away!
  • That's one piece of jewelry I want to see the Catwoman steal for real.
  • So, wait; are Commander Flag and Roy Harper twins separated at birth? By a decade? Time for some fanfic!
  • Chuck Dixon; what's your opinion?
  • Darkseid! Looking hot! Are you doing Jennie Craig? Call me...
  • I really enjoy the art in Robin.
  • Aw, darn... I was kind of hoping the Godkiller would turn out to be Jean Loring, wielding a cosmic-powered cigarette stand.
  • That'll do it; appearances by Steve Lombard are now acceptable as long as his wrist gets broken.
  • The Jester League of America? This is automatically this best comic book I will read in June.
  • Arrow in the butt. Not enough of that in comics, I say. And, no, I don't mean Roy.


suedenim said...

Super Friends was a lot better than I expected. I was afraid it might be too "dumbed-down" even for my niece and nephew (fans of JLU and Marvel Adventures), but (aside from the art style, perhaps) it's not.

Catwoman continues to be The Best Book You're Not Reading. Yes, I'm talking to you! Start reading this! Pfeiffer's done a tremendous job on this book, particularly with the "Selina's baby" storyline. Yes, it winds up pretty much in the place everybody figured it'd have to wind up, but he did it in such a heartbreakingly effective way. Gorgeous art, too.

Scipio said...

Well... I am reading Catwoman (as my notes today suggest...)!

totaltoyz said...

Villains should always own thematically decorated submarines.

I do not want to think about what the Joker's would look like....

David page said...

Ralph and sue ralph and sue!!!

I know I figured it out last month but it is just too good to hear them actually saying who they were

Scipio said...

You must be reading something I don't, David...

BollWeevilPrime said...

The Joker's submarine would look like a Joker-fish, of course!

Laurie said...

Oh David, I know! Ralph and Sue, being adorably smug at Ollie in Batman and the Ousiders was a Comic Moment of the Week for me too.

AAnd I really like the art in Robin too. It's cartoony and fun and suits the tone of the book very well.

Anonymous said...

Ralph and sue ralph and sue!!!

So we got food poisoning at a sushi bar, I take it?


Dan said...

What was, "Falling asleep on a date is pretty hardcore; particularly when you're on a rollercoaster." ?

Anonymous said...

Ha! The Dan Garret stuff is just... It makes me sad, because Booster Gold was ENTIRELY the reason I picked up some Silver Age Beetle. Of course it isn't ALL bad, we got Mentor the Magnificent out of it.

And the Praying Mantis Man.

Other then that, what did you think of Hal Jordan dooming the entire universe?

Scipio said...

The rollercoaster reference is in Robin.

what did you think of Hal Jordan dooming the entire universe?

Par for the course. Who else?

totaltoyz said...

And the Praying Mantis Man.

I have always wanted to do a Praying Mantis Man custom HeroClix...

Anonymous said...

"I have always wanted to do a Praying Mantis Man custom HeroClix..."

The answer to that, despite not being a question, is YES.

He needs to look EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Tree and everything like that.

totaltoyz said...

Mallet, if you want to commission such a custom clix, you know where to find me!

SallyP said...

You know, I'm actually rather fond of Hal, but having him get struck in the head is ALWAYS a winning moment.

Then he goes and dooms the Universe. Oh Hal.

Rob Rogers said...

The Supermobile? Where the heck can I find the Supermobile?!?

Randy Jackson said...

I'm amazed you left "But Hulk wants Cous Cous" out of the list.