Sunday, March 09, 2008

Gang Up On Me!!!!

I really need my readers' help with a project I'm working on, because the internet is not providing the answers I need.

I need the names of as many Gotham streetgangs as you can conjure. Not gangster gangs (like the Black Mask Society) or cult gangs (like Kobra) but streetgangs (like, say, the Streetdemonz from Robin). Even streetgangs from other DC fictionopolises would be helpful, but I figure most named streetgangs are from Gotham books.

So far I've only got:
Streetdemonz (from Robin)
Ghost Dragons (from Robin)
Sons of the Bat (from Dark Knight)
The Mutants (from Dark Knight)
Los Lobos (from the Detroit League)
BTM (the Burnley Town Massive)
Lucky Hand (Tec)

But I need as many more as you can name (and, if possible, where they appeared)!


Citizen Scribbler said...

Well, these are from Chicago rather than Gotham, from when Blue Beetle teamed up with The Question in the 80s:

The Wild Ones (Just like the movie.)
The Deltoids (Shirtless muscle men.)
The Hi-Brows (Grey suits, blue ties.)

I might do a little Batman combing too.

-Citizen Scribbler

Citizen Scribbler said...

And from Huntress #4 (1989)- The Jade Phantoms

But none of the Batman books I have here contain named street gangs. Bats is always off fighting werewolves, teaming up with Looker, and taking trips to Moscow...

-Citizen Scribbler

Scipio said...

LOL, time to buy some different Bat-books!

Oh, and I've always wanted to say this:

"Thank you, Citizen!"

The Shadow said...

How about these two from No Man's Land?


And might I ask what these are for?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, but during the "Reign of the Supermen" the Dragons and the Sharks fought in the streets of Metropolis.

Scipio said...

Those are just what I am looking for...

"And might I ask what these are for?"

Secret project.

All will be revealed in time.

Anonymous said...

Does the Royal Flush Gang count now? Now they are a theme gang that is nation wide. And there is no overall super villain leadership. They're a franchise of villany... But I think they all just rob banks and run bad illegal casinos...

Anonymous said...

How about the 100?

Anonymous said...

The Jokerz from Batman Beyond. (Before the Joker returned...)

Jeff said...

The Posse from El Paso in Blue Beetle. Although they may not count as they have powers.

Anonymous said...

I believe there was a splinter of the Mutants in Dark Knight called the Nixons

totaltoyz said...

The Demons, from Brave and the Bold #200.

Timothy Burke said...

Didn't Black Mask have an eponymous gang (e.g., more than just personal flunkies)?

SallyP said...

Well...there's this NEW group called the Mamasboyz, but they really don't get out much.

totaltoyz said...

Lest we forget the Dingbats of Danger Street (First Issue Special #6).

totaltoyz said...

And, from Scipio's favorite DC fictionopolis of Star City, the Blazing Infernos (Green Lantern #100).

totaltoyz said...

And a few more:

Hell's Hawks (Teen Titans Vol. 1 #26)
Wreckers (Teen Titans Vol. 1 #45)
Stompers (Showcase #94, Joshua (Tempest) Clay's old gang)

JonnyQuest037 said...

Los Lobos was a Gotham City street gang? I just loved their cover version of "La Bamba."

Anonymous said...

The Yancy Street Gang!

Oh wait... crap.

Patrick C said...

This is driving me crazy. In the early Steel solo series there were 2 gangs, one using the drug "Tar" which basically hulked them up, and the other using Toastmasters, hi-tech guns that Steel designed himself. But I cannot for the life of me remember the names of the gangs!

If nobody thinks of it by the time I get back to my comic collection I'll leave another comment with it then.

Tristan said...

The Anti-Bats. They were mentioned in some of the Jean-Paul Valley stories by Alan Grant. I'm not sure of the issue numbers, but they're collected in the second Knightfall trade, 'Who Rules the Night'. Might have been some others named too.

Also, in the second of Matt Wagner's Batman/Grendel crossovers, two (presumably biker)gangs are mentioned by name by some bikers hassling Grendel Prime, but for the life of me I can't recall the names.

totaltoyz said...

Los Lobos was a Gotham City street gang? I just loved their cover version of "La Bamba."

Sure, not many people know the actual translation of that song.

Para bailar la bamba
Para bailar la bamba
Se necesita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia pa'mí y pa' ti
Ay Arriba y arriba
Ay arriba y arriba por ti seré
Por ti seré
Por ti seré

Translates as:

Somebody call the Batman
Somebody call the Batman
The Joker's free and he's killing the people
He's killing the people at the opera where they're playing Pagliacci
Pagliacci in Gotham City? They should know better
Know better by now
Know better by now

Mike Loughlin said...

The gang from the second Batman/ Grendel series (on a bookshelf near my computer) is the East Side Cyclones.

Beth said...

Dang it.. I can't remember the name, but there were several gangs in one of the Ragman miniseries.

totaltoyz said...

And, if you could use an underwater motorcycle gang, there's the Sea Angels from Sea Devils #34.

totaltoyz said...

In the Black Lightning stories in Detective Comics #'s 494-495, several Suicide Slum street gangs are named: the Steel Warriors, the E Street Jukes, and the Duke Street Kings.

Citizen Scribbler said...

I've got one more for you-

From New York, we've got the "Slash Grinders" from Justice League America #30 (Sep 1989). That was the one where the punks stole the Free's car and found Barda's Mega-Rod in the trunk.

-Citizen Scribbler

Anonymous said...

Adventure Comics 197: "Clark Kent -- Toughie!" (superboy)
2 juvenile gangs (on bicycles!) in Smallville
Skull and Crossbones(!)
Red Dragons