Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Initial Impressions

You know what says, "I'm a goober" more effectively than anything else in comic books?

Having two initials on the front of your costume.

Like Cat-Man, Elongated Man, Shakedown, and Dumb Bunny.

Wait. Wait.

Who am I missing...?


Don't forget Galactus and his big G (does that make him the O.G.?).
Awww. Poor Ralph.

Seriously, though - when was the last time anyone even thought about Geo-Force before Meltzer decided he was the coolest character ever?

I mean, really. Geo-Force?!
It could be worse.

They could have their entire name written on their chest.

What about Daredevil? Doesn't he have the double-D on his costume? Or did have, at one point? And Daredevil's not a goober.
Wonder Woman's logo has consisted of W twice for decades. So she was a stylish goober, I suppose. Now, she has the two Ws TWICE. QUIT GOOBERING UP MY WONDER WOMAN, DC!

(Daredevil? Not a goober? Au contrare!)
Poor Prince Markov. He was cool with the Outsiders. To bad he rose above his station. You'd think an aristocrat would understand that.
Daredevil doesn't count because he can't see how bad it looks.
Double D's????

Oh, I thought we were talking about Power Girl.
I think with the exception of Geo-Force, all of those characters are aware of what tremendous goons they are.

Why couldn't Meltzer have fallen in love with Dumb Bunny instead of Geo-Force? Why!?
and whats sad... thats actually a better costume than his current one, which is sans the GF
Good lord, you do REALLY wanna see a Meltzer take on the Inferior Five? Five issues before the Blimp sits up and says 'Hey, shouldn't we be doing something... you know... stupid?'
Poor Geo-Force, crown prince of dorks. In fact, that's what DC should do: a 5 issue, prestige-format miniseries, written by Brad Meltzer, drawn by Jim Lee...


I'd certainly not buy that!
Well, the GF *does* stand for Goober? F'sure!
Gee, I hope Blockade Boy doesn't read this!
But... Elongated Man... is awesome.
True story: When I was in junior high, one of my classmates thought that Geo-Force's "GF" stood for "Gay Faggot."
I'm not mad at you, Scipio. You obviously wrote this post under some evil influence, like a Brain Globe or a Wraith-mate.
Sure Elongated Man was awesome. That was partly because he knew he was a goofball. Geo-Force doesn't.
TOuche, Jacob.
One could argue that having whiskers on your mask is the mark of a goober as well.
Aw, it'd be airwolf if Spider-Man had two initials on his chest.

John --Dunno if I buy that. Did your friend believe that GF had to specify "gay" because of all the straight f****ts out there?

That whole redundancy thing, though, can be a hoot given the right context. I'd like to see a DC Earth where Ma Hunkel, impressed with the color/noun-connoting-power combo, instead of the Red Tornado called herself the Black Negro.
For shame, Mr. Garling. Just as we, The Acolytes of Dibney, had come to believe that you had put your blasphemous ways behind you, you have the sheer audacity to insult our lord as we continue to mourn/honor his passing into the spiritual realm, where he has been finally reunited with his sainted wife. You call him a goober, but you sir are the goober for not being aware that the A of D has recently joined forces with another organization that is outraged over the mockery you heap upon their beloved king.

Yes, we are talking about The Royalist Society of Markovia, a group of fine, upstanding men and women who can no longer remain silent about the petty libels you hurl recklessly at the man to whom they have pledged their eternal allegiance.

Alone you might have been able to ignore us, but together we shall be unstoppable! You have been warned!

Is it just me or does the panel featuring Catman prove that Gail Simone can make any character seem cool?
At least Cat-Man had the chutzpah to be hitting on the original Batwoman. He at least has groovy taste in women.
"The Acolytes of Dibney"
"The Royalist Society of Markovia"

Do you guys rent rooms from the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club?
I'm finding that a little suspect, considering you so-called "Acolytes of Dibney" can't even spell Ralph Dibny's name right...
Shakedown's SD looks doubly goober b/c it's also Scooby Doo's dogtag. Like maybe he was hurting for a costume and just grabbed one of his kid's t-shirts...
I had a friend who used to laugh out loud whenever he saw a panel with Geo-Force in it. He called him "Get F***ed-Man."
I've always wondered how Jimmy Olsen ended up with a fan club anyway. Did a bunch of guys get together and decide "Where not cool enough to be fans of Superman, so let's be fans of his pal"?

This was a bunch of goobers so terminally uncool that they wore bowties to the beach! No, seriously!
John --Dunno if I buy that. Did your friend believe that GF had to specify "gay" because of all the straight f****ts out there?

Swear to God, it's true. I realize that the "gay f****t" phrase makes no sense whatsoever, but like I said - junior high.

Maybe he just meant "metrosexual."
What about PULSAR: MASTER OF SOUND, who had his entire SLOGAN on his chest?
I thought the GF on Geo-Force stood for "Get F**KED!"
I thought it stood for "Gefilte Fish".
Scipio: Yes. Yes we do. How did you know?

Diamondrock: Unfortunately the message was transcribed and posted by a lowly member of our order who, while suffering from a massive gingold hangover, temporarily allowed himself to commit the most blasphemous of typos. When he discovered his mistake he did what any other Acolyte would do and hung himself with a noose made in the image of our god. Happy?
I know some who wished it stood for "Gone Forever"...
Dunno what's been going on with GF since the good old days in Batman and the Outsiders, but I loved him in that and will always have fondness for the character because of it. Plus, the Masters of Disaster (another Outsiders classic) are some of my favorite villains from my youth!
Hey, he's manifesting Terra's powers, and I can't hang with that. Hell, the only justification for his existance to me is that he was the estranged, privleged brother of one of my favorite comic characters ever. Ah, Terra doin' evil and Titan hatin' in an 80's 'do and buck teeth, sneaking out to smoke cigarettes and have REALLY creepy relations with middle-aged villians who should damn well know better, and going more over-the-top than a Joan Crawford Queen on crystal meth in her finale. Geo-Force, what did he ever do that was so awe-inspiringly awful/wonderful? He.... Um.... fought in the (first) Crisis? Ho effin' hum.
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