Friday, June 15, 2007


(from the most recent Heroclix games at Big Monkey DC)


1: "Must...Fight...OCD... Come on man, pretend that you don't notice the speck of dust right beside the die. It doesn't bother you. It's not there. La, la, la, la, l--aw, dammit! I gotta pick it up!"

2: "Perfect! My plan to utterly distract my opponent away from the game with that strategically placed speck of dust has succeeded. Victory is mine!"

3: "#4 keeps looking at me weird. Is he coming on to me? Let's see what happens if I give him the same look back."

4: "Who's that cute girl sitting at the other table? I bet if I throw some of my mojo over her way, she'll have no choice but to speak to me! How cool would that be? I'll just keep giving her my "love eyes" until she notices me. Hey, why is #3 looking at me like that? It's totally creepy!"
#4 must have one amazing ass to have come in higher than the guy actually playing at the end of the table.
1-4 simultaneously thinking: "I have no idea how to play this game. I hope the others don't notice I'm faking it."
Allan: RE: #4: Hands off my Kool-Aid.
Sorry, no captions... I was just stunned to see an actual girl in the picture.
LOL, we actually have plenty of those at Big Monkey.
#1: "Oh, man, I'm so drunk I'm seeing three die! Maybe if I pick up the one in the, dammit, that's not the real one!"

#2: "I hope the guys don't realize this is Katherine McPhee in my iPod."

#3: "Just look at the intense concentration on #4's face...he must be plotting some really complex strategy..."

#4: "Man, when's that pizza gonna get here?!?"
I wish we had those Heroclix tournaments in Uruguay...


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Is that(#4) Steve Agee from The Sarah Silverman Program?
#1. "Play it cool...don't let on that he fell into my trap! Now he shall perish! Perish at the deadly hands of Snapper Carr! Okay, okay, be cool. Have a Snapple."

#2. "Oh, Brandy, you're a fine girl (you're a fine girl), what a good wife you would beeee (such a fine girl), but my life, my love, and my lady is the seaaaa... Let's see, the next move in the standard Ditko-Kirby Defense, that's no good...maybe use the Shooter or DeFalco variation? Hm."

#3. "You know what I like? Ham. This game needs ham."

#4. "I know I can move that Aquaman piece with the power of my mind. Eeegghhhh!! YES! I am the next stage in evolution! Ha! Suck it, humans!"
#1 I wore this shirt to outwit my foes!

#2 Hmmm... feeling a bit perplexed.

#3 I'd love to leap climb all over these lads!

#4 It's taking all my willpower not to look at that dude's butt!
There will NEVER be Katherine McPhee in my iPod!
"Steve Agee"

No, actually, that's Dr. Ben-Hatton of "Those Wednesdays".

Don't lie. You heart the go*d@mn Katherine McPhee!
its ok jon... you dont have to lie about it... say it loud and say to proud

and i dont know what you mean about me wearing the first to confuse my foes....really...i swear... [looks shifty and wonders off]
It looks like Heroclix, but without tipped over beer bottles next to a veteran Question figure I can't be certain.

Maybe it's a different game in that picture.
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