Saturday, April 21, 2007

Heroclix Theme Team: People Who Don't Belong!

People Who Don't Belong in the JLA (11 figures at 300 points)

ID Name Points
cd075cd075: Veteran Outsiders Geo-Force
cdF005cdF005: Feat Movethrough8
le040le040: Rookie (Titans) Speedy
icF004icF004: Feat Sidekick10
cd070cd070: Rookie Red Tornado
leF005leF005: Feat Large Object9
cd008cd008: Experienced (Suicide Squad) Vixen
oF006oF006: Feat Pounce15
leBF005leBF005: "BF Condition" Poor Teamwork0
icB004icb004: Token Snapper Carr
leF001leF001: Feat Armor Piercing10

For a 400 point team, subtract "Movethrough" and add Superman Blue (cd067, 105 pts.).

On a rainy Saturday, play them against any random group of JLA figures of the same build size and watch this team earn its name!

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Well, now, that's just mean...
Yep, you got some nasty figures there. Using Armor Piercing with Snapper and Large Object at all is just mean.
I don't know why, but I've always been partial to Vixen. Maybe because she was the only character with any history to join the Detroit League (out of the 4 newbies).

Maybe it's because she was smoking hot in Justice League Unlimited.

My real question is: Does that team have a winning chance?
What about Hawkgirl?
Check this out:
"Does that team have a winning chance?"

Of course not.

That's the point.
Yeah, this team's not going to win much of anything. Geo-Force is the only one who can do some serious damage, and even he's not that good.

I also like how Speedy's TA is completely wasted, and there's not much point in using the SS ability on Vixen.
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