Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ooo; pretty!

As previously mentioned, there's a delightful new set of DC Heroclix coming out at the start of March.

Here are some sneak preview pics!

Blue Beetle.

Okay, I'm still not into the new Blue Beetle, which is odd, because he's the closest thing to Vibe the DCU currently has. Until, you know, they bring back Vibe.

But Tex-Mex kid with mysterious armor is not close enough to breakdancing Puerto Rican kid with vibratory powers. Perhaps it's for the best; after all, now I don't have to wear the tracking bracelet any more, and Latino parents no longer get notified whenever I'm in their neighborhood.

"Okay, Chico," Jaime menaces. "Let's make that two falls out of three."

Dr. Fate.

This one's a surprise. It's not part of the regular set, so it's probably a figure you have to mail away for. You can get a redemption coupon by buying a brick (a bundle of six boxes--or eight; I forget) of the new Heroclix at your local (Big Monkey) comic book store. Note that classic "half-mask" that marks this as the Golden Age Dr. Fate, making him a companion piece to the many other Golden Agers in this set. "Inza," he intones, "I offer you this ankh-bling and ask you to be my bride."


If I hear one more idiot complain "that's not his pose on the cover of Action 1", I'll scream. No, of course, it's not. He'd look ridiculous running around the board holding up a car; he's Superman not the Hulk. Besides, he wouldn't fit in a Heroclix box.

Instead, he's in a sensible pose still found in his first issue: he's
running, which perfectly shows the difference between this non-flying Superman and all subsequent ones.

"Must--escape-- Luthor's chewing gum trap!"


Allan said...

"Until, you know, they bring back Vibe."

I find this sentence to be extremely moving in that beautifully Quixotic way that is so often exhibited by people dedicated to utterly hopeless dreams.

Yes, Scipio, sometime Vibe will come back and on that same day Salma Hayek will suddenly realize that her life is empty and meaningless without the company of a short, bearded composer of regional supernatural paperbacks (that is to say, me).

Scipio said...

Well! Then on that day you and she will know what to talk about!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on the dials we'll be seeing? Blue Beetle could be very interesting, with everything from Perplex to Stealth to Phasing.

Fate should be good. Liked the old dial, I'm guessing this one might have a few more tricks than the old dial, which was pretty straightforward.

Scipio said...

Beetle will have Steal Energy (interesting and unexpected), Incapacitate and Supersenses, and Perplex.

Fate? You know: PC, Psychic Blast, TK, Perplex.

Allan said...


I was aiming for cheekishly teasing and I think I hit annoyingly mean-spirited instead.

I shall try and judge my shots with more care next time.

totaltoyz said...

It looks to me like this Dr Fate will have magical powers (note the aforementioned ankh-bling). But as readers of All-Star Squadron all know, when he wore the half-mask he did not have such powers, only super-strength, flight and invulnerability.

Ariel said...

You know, whenever I picture Beetle, I very happily see him as Gael Garcia Bernal from Bad Education. Meow!

And yet, I still can't get into Beetle. I can't seem to shake the feeling he'd be much more interesting on a team than as a solo player. Strangely, I don't feel that way about the newest Firestorm, though the tone of the books are similar.

Still, nice sculpt on Beetle's clix!

k26dp said...

Other than Superman's spit-curl painted to look more like a receeding hairline, these are some good figs.