Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Haikuesday for Pa

Does anyone miss -- or even remember -- Haikuesday?

Like wheat in the fall,
Pa's cut down, leaving behind
a boy and his dog.

Care to try one yourself?


Steven said...

"With all my powers,"
as Christopher Reaves once said,
"I could not save him."

Bill L. said...

Poor Pa Kent is dead,
Victim of an attempt to
Imitate "Smallville".

Ed said...

What? He's dead again?
A poor fate for a good man.
Donner has issues.

Bully said...

I wrote a great one
Full of sadness, pain, and heart.
Then Blogger went down.

Allan said...

Morrison did it*.
He did it and made me cry.
Man, I love Krypto.

*In All-Star Superman # 6, so (I'm pretty positive) its not part of regular continuity. Am I wrong about that?

the maverick jester said...

All-Star is not part of continuity, no. IN fact, All-Star is the very opposite of continuity, though many no doubt feel (like myself), than that is in some ways a bad thing.

Here's mine:

Y'know, all of this,
And we will still never know:
Just "Who was J. Lo.?"

Ed said...

Morrison did it?
I guess I was mistaken.
Sorry, Sir Donner.

Bully said...

Ah, I finally remembered what I wanted to write but lost when Blogger went offline:

I bet Kal's thinking
Does no one mow the lawn here
In Smallville Graveyard?

tadwilliams said...

Hmmm #1

Two dead dads. Hmmm. It's
Looking less like bad luck now,
More like carelessness.

Hmmm #2

Hmmm. If Earth had gone
Ka-boom first, would Batman have
A Kansasite ring?

Anonymous said...

"Seriously, dude.
Yo Superman! Stop moping,
and get my dinner."

Des said...

Should be sad right now...
Krypto has a better cape
For that: dog must die.

With my heat vision
I should have carved a better
gravestone. More ornate?

Can't believe Pa's dead!
He taught me so much of life.
Krypto sniffed my crotch.

Yea verily I hath missed Haikuesday...

Mike Loughlin said...

Hard to take death so
Seriously because dog
Has a friggin'cape

Steve M said...

Caution: This cover
spoils a key, pivotal
event in Kal's life