Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hal's Little Story

I got asked for my own 'ballooning' of this panel...

"Sigh! I'm almost close enough to lick his boots!"
"Hera help me, is that my Pleasuretron 3000 on the end of one of GA's arrows?!"
"Sure, Hal, sure; but where's your museum, huh?"
"Nodding off! Must --use chairs -- for support!"
"Moons of Mars, he's actually thinking of building himself his own museum!"
"Okay, one more microblast of x-ray vision should remove that last brain tumor; what in Rao's name does GL keep doing to his head?"
"Jeez, what's with Snapper's grin? He better not have stolen my Pleasuretron 3000 arrow again...!"
"I have-a teeVEE show, I have-a teeVEE show...!"


SallyP said... mean Hal DOESN'T have his own museum? I am aghast.

Oh, and hilarious as usual.

Lauren said...

WW: I mean Merciful Minerva! What, are those highlights? Hal spends more time at the hair dresser than I do.

MM: Must...Self...Labotomi---....

Flash: How long has he been talking? A year? A decade? Oh God, the curse of super speed.

Superman: Keep talking Hal. After this slow X-ray bath your stories will be shorter and softer.

Auqaman: Great Neptune! What was in that burrito? Does this cave even have a bathroom?

GA: I see Uncle Ollie's "happy pills" have found another "loyal" side-kick. Excellent.

SC: *snap* *snap* *snap* *Snap* Wow those energy pills GA gave me really work!! *snap* I wonder if I can get more!?

Batman Robot: Why is my auto destruct disabled? Why does my master hate me so?