Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hall of Handsomes

I've been asked to participate in "Beefcake Week" ... and so I shall, with:

The Hall of Comics Handsomes.

Ben Oda.

In case you don't recognize the name, Oda was the Japanese-American who pretty much
invented lettering. His is the mainstream of EC and DC's lettering styles, and he even taught the man who created the Archie house style of lettering. Ben was also really handsome.

Jim Lee.

You think Jim Lee's
art is pretty? Not as pretty as he! I have this recurring dream about him and Jimmy Fallon having their RV break down during a thunderstorm right outside my spooky castle...

Allan Heinberg.

Handsomest Jewish comic book writer that Oklahoma every produced. In this picture, he's using his sexovision to light the candles on the dinner table. So sexy even the Hulk went gay for him! Allan... call me.

Brian K. Vaughn.

The "K" is for "knockout"! Classically handsome, 5 o'clock shadowed, the master of the Head Shaved From Necessity is 10 times sexier than that goof Rosenbaum on Smallville. That face says, "Don't move! I've got mojo, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

Paul Azaceta.

Everything about him says, "You will abandon your current life and join me in what the squares call 'sin' in my bohemian artist's loft ... and you will thank me for it daily." I mean, just look at that woman's smile!

Paul Harmon

Creator of "Mora". Zowie! When the wind knocks down lighter comic creators, Paul will still be standing there, strong as a rock for you to grab on to.

Sean Chen.

Not even his constant coworkers can get over the beauty of artist and designer Sean Chen; their envy is palpable.

There are more, of course. But no such list would be complete without the ultimate comic creator man-babe:

The Madman Bob Kanigher.


Don't forget Frank Frazetta. I'm one of those few who fail to appreciate the male form but even I can agree that Frazetta is esthetically pleasing to some.
Beautiful, beautiful Bob Kanigher....sigh.

Ah, Allan, so hot.
Is it blasphemy if I think Vaughn looks eerily like Grant Morrison?
Dude, you don't "woof" the thin and pretty! You woof real hunks of men like Robert Kirkman!
John Romita Jr. should be there! He was once Marvel's hunk of the month! Wait... I think he was Marvel's ONLY hunk of the month....

And Joe Jusko was hunky too. Just look at him as Captain America...
Woof woof@ Bob Kanigher is just beautiful. Oh, and you forgot Jim Steranko, who is still rather a hunk as well.
Also, Neal Adams is all man. Check out those huge hairy forearms!!
Because Bob Kanigher's chest, that's why!
Somebody has a fetish for Asians.
At what point did all comic creators stop being fat guys with beards?
I look at Allan Heinberg.

I see only Buster "So watery! And yet there's a smack of ham!" Bluth.
No John Cassaday? Sims is gonna be sad ;)
Tom Curry - that's exactly what I see too.

Anyway, straight man here, but honestly? Grant Morrisson could totally convince me otherwise. I *think* it's the accent.
And by "Grant Morrisson" I mean, of course, "Grant Morrison".
Oda? As in Nobunaga Oda, 16th century Japanese warlord?

and why didn't you mention me?
Great "cake" post! Ben Oda was the man!! And that Vaughn photo says to me, "You know you want to kiss me. Come on, I dare you!" Whatta sexy guy.

And I shoulda FYIed you earlier, but my Wednesday "cake" entry on the Legion's Dream Girl includes a haiku in a nod to you and The Absorbascon (which I f*cked up the spelling of initially, please forgive!). Grant you, a bad haiku, but remember, it's the thought that counts!!
Scipio: Thanks a bunch for stopping by TPCM and commenting. It's a real personal treat, 'cause you're sooo one of my blog super-heroes!!

RE: your comment on my Mike Grell post, see my reply. I was only half kidding about a petition!!
I question your taste.
How can anyone forget the surfer bum charm of John Cassady? That man makes my tears dry the instant I see his smile.
"Dude, you don't "woof" the thin and pretty! "

I think it would be more accurate to say that YOU don't woof the thin and pretty...
Anonymous said...

I question your taste.

I question your etiquette, which appears worse than my taste.
You forgot Jim Steranko. I'm a straight guy, but that man is built like a greek god.
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