Sunday, April 29, 2012

"First, a pointy-toes pedicure...!"

Oh, Shield...

Sometimes you make it TOO easy.


So good to see the Shield and his strange leotard-clad anatomy again.
The Shield.

Defending America and proper grooming standards since 1940.
A strange strange part of me, just wants to see an animated Shield running with his pointy

And maybe some nice music in the background.
I imagine, Sally, that it would look very much like the first few seconds of this:
Scipio...THAT WAS MAGNIFICENT! I remember watching that on Saturday mornings! I even used to be able to laugh like Muttley.

But yes, Penelope's pointy-toed running is EXACTLY the way that Shield must run.

Now excuse me, I have to watch it all over again.
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