Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Off the Cuff Haiku

I received these cufflinks as a groomsmen gift at the recent wedding of my wingman, Cobra Misfit:
These also double as Justice League signal devices, by the way.

Nothing cooler! Thanks, Misfit! Hope you and Cobra Mrs.fit (Hi, Amy!) are enjoying the cruise. Thanks to you I have to the ability to talk about the Flash...

off the cuff.

The Flash himself is pretty good at off the cuff remarks (as befits someone fast on his feet). Here's just one example.

While Cobra (rightfully) celebrates being married, Barry (deservedly) celebrates being single! Oh, Barry, you suffered through Iris West for so long, I can't blame you for celebrating. And what better way to make a clean slate than by redecorating? Nothing says "I'm cleaning house!" than, well, actually cleaning house. And as part of DC's cleaning house, Barry will be single again.

For those who didn't notice it, let's make it clearer--
Barry's adapting to his situation with a graceful haiku:
I'm single again--
I have to adjust my life-
style accordingly.

Pretty clever how Barry arranged his haiku to play with the word "life-style" there, allowing "style" to do ambiguous double duty as both a noun and a verb. Smart guy.

What haiku can you compose to celebrate the Fastest Man Alive no longer being married to the Meanest Woman Alive?


Anonymous said...

"Till death us do part":
That means now I'm free to date.
Zoom, I owe you one!

SallyP said...

Arrgghh! I'm terrible at haikus! But still...those are some snazzy cuff links.

Anonymous said...

Barry's gone nanners!
Run, Fiona! But is it
Eobard or Ross?

From Fiona, to
Zatanna, to an old guy:
Barry, where's your taste?

Discarnate meanness
Possesses young future girl.
Some happy ending!

Nathan Hall said...

He went West, young men
To find a heart made of ice
More warmth in the Webb

Bryan L said...

Like the break of dawn
So did Iris pass away
Party on, Barry!