Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Grodd's Arboreal Imperative

And then there was that time Gorilla Grodd went on a severe diet.
And shaved his head.
And the rest of his body.
And became a human being who shops at an Amish clothing store.
And popped pills that make him think he can command trees.

Someone gave me some pills once in college that made me think I could command trees.
I had to skip the rest of the semester.

Yes, that really is Gorilla Grodd. And whatever drugs Grodd is taking have turned him into a hairless human, made him hallucinate that he can command trees, and, worst of all, caused him to build a salmon-colored factory with highly inappropriate architecture.

AND YET, still those drugs cannot diminish his ability to compose haiku, even when no one's looking.

Now to see how well
the pill works! Tree! Come t'ward me!
Tree! I command you!

Now THAT is some comic book haiku; you impress me, Grodd. If only you devoted your Force of Mind exclusively to creating haiku rather than enslaving humanity!

What haiku can YOU, dear readers, compose to celebrate Grodd's impressive achievement, even under the influence of mind&body-altering drugs?


Bryan L said...

Shame on you, monkey
Not for your crimes, though severe
Your paint is tacky.

r duncan said...

Most ungroddly Grodd.
Your architecture is odd.
And so is your bod.

SallyP said...

I stand awestruck by uour ability to FIND stuff like this! Much less make a haiku about it.

Scipio said...

You just open up any comic book, Sally; it's all there, if you let your eyes see it. :-)

Redforce said...

The Silver Age, strange
Making a monkey's uncle
Out of Morrison

Scipio said...

Heh heh; indeed.